Saturday, June 29, 2013

Many people are telling me that they are going "gluten-free" as if they are up soda or something genuinely unhealthy. This article addresses some 
of my main concerns, especially what people are eating INSTEAD of whole 
grains. If most of your gluten is coming from processed foods and white flour, 
then it is no wonder giving them up might make you feel better. But do you 
really need to be "gluten-free?" Read this short article for some helpful guidance...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Grain Order update

Wow, my last post was 2010!  What happened to 2011 and 2012?  I did have grain orders, but got too busy with family (all good) to post about them.  Things are calming down now and I am working on learning to use these wonderful internet tools to get more information and help out to those who are interested.  I have researched the exploding information on gluten intolerance and GMO threats.  Sadly, not all of the information out there is helpful, or even correct!  The "Gluten-free" product market is taking full advantage of people's vulnerability and selling a lot of unhealthy boxes of "delicious" products that, while gluten-free, are basically expensive, empty calories.  GMO is another topic that is full of misleading, and sometimes terrifying, information.  For the record, I DO NOT CARRY ANY GMO PRODUCTS.  I am copying the cover letter I sent for this order which has further information on these topics.

I am in the process of gathering orders now for the 2013 Spring Order.  I also keep most of the items on the order form in stock, but they will be in pails instead of bags except for the 25 pound bags.  For the first time I am also offering certain products in ten pound sample size bags for your convenience.  I will see how this goes before I commit to doing it each time, as I will be the one dividing up the bigger bags into the smaller size.

There are some new items, and I am open to carrying other products if I know some of you are interested, so feel free to ask.  Feel free to call or email with questions!

Thank you for your interest,


Barbara Ingraham                               
S58 W22265 Weiland Drive                                      
(262)-442-0633 (cell)
Waukesha, WI 53189                           

Order pickup will be determined after shipping confirmation is received.  You will have more than one opportunity to pick up your items and they will be safely stored at our home until pick-up arrangements can be made.  I now stock a number of the items on the order form so please contact me if you need anything between orders.

You can now open the attached order form, fill in the customer information and the items you are ordering, then save and email the form back to me.  If you prefer, you can also just email the items that you want, including the item numbers and pricing information.  Please email your order by June 7, then please mail your check made out to me by June 10. Checks may be post-dated to June 15, or later if necessary.

One of my favorite breads is 50% Kamut and 50% spelt, freshly ground of course!
Kamut is lighter and sweeter than other wheat, which makes it perfect for coffee cakes, cookies and muffins as well as bread. 

I also realize that not everyone wants to start with a big bag of corn, buckwheat, 7-grain mix or rye if you have never worked with them before.  Therefore, I am offering a “sample size” of these items for this order so that you can experiment without a big commitment. 

BOSCH UNIVERSAL MIXER            REGULARLY $419.99   SALE  $399.95  
NUTRIMILL  GRINDER                     REGULARLY $269.99   SALE  $229.95  

For the first time in several years the forecast for the wheat market is looking up. At the same time, rumors of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and gluten sensitivity are scaring some health conscious families away from wheat.  What is the real story?

Gluten is a protein composite, meaning it is made up of several different proteins.  It is found in wheat, barley, durum, einkorn, farro (emmer), graham, Kamut, rye, semolina, spelt and triticale.  Gluten forms the structure in bread dough so it will rise and stretch instead of crumble.

There is an ongoing debate about the current trend of going “gluten-free” that includes incomplete and even erroneous information. Celiac Disease is a painful autoimmune disease that requires avoiding all gluten for life.  Gluten sensitivities and allergies are more difficult to pinpoint as reactions vary from person to person.  Be cautious about the “gluten free” market.  Not everything marked “gluten free” is healthy and some things are just a waste of money

While there is reason to pay attention to this debate, widespread panic and avoidance of all gluten does not seem to be warranted for most of us.  If you believe you have some wheat or gluten sensitivity, try Kamut or spelt exclusively for a time to determine if that makes a difference.  Stay away from processed food as much as possible and balance your diet by increasing fruits and vegetables.  Most importantly, do not return to the old ways of buying processed foods just because they are gluten free.

Whole grains, especially ones that are freshly milled, contain fiber, vitamins, enzymes and minerals that add important nutrients to your diet.  Some grains are naturally gluten free such as millet, buckwheat, rice, corn and uncontaminated oats.  Beans and lentils are also excellent, gluten free, high-protein choices that can be milled into fresh flour and used for cooking and baking, or to add nutritional value to soups or to thicken gravies. 

Here is some relevant information and history I found: 

-The earliest known member of the wheat family is called Einkorn.  It has a very simple gene structure and even Dr. William Davis (author of Wheat Belly) found no negative reaction when consuming bread made with this grain.  Although renewed interest in “ancient grains” has increased the demand for Einkorn, it is still not readily available.  I just bought a 10-pound bag to experiment with at cost of $41.85!

-The next wheat family crops to develop were Emmer, Durham and Kamut. (Kamut is actually just the Egyptian word for wheat).  Kamut is an “heirloom wheat” that after thousands of years of storage (some say in the pyramids) was patented and re-introduced to the health food market in 1986.  This was the wheat of the Pharaohs and was probably the wheat referred to in the Bible.  Individuals who suffer certain allergic reactions to common wheat have often found that they are reaction-free when using Kamut. 

- The next wheat variety to appear on the timeline was spelt.  Due to the very hard covering hull that has to be mechanically removed, this grain has not undergone the hybridization of modern wheat.  In fact, Spelt has remained genetically unchanged for thousands of years. Demand for Spelt has recently increased due to higher protein content, the ease of digestion and the low incidence of allergic reaction.

- Modern bread wheat is a descendant of earlier plants that have been hybridized for specific properties. Through selective breeding, modern wheat crops produce healthy, bountiful harvests of grain that are ideal for bread baking. The question is, are there unintended consequences from these genetic changes?  I will continue to monitor the research that is presented.  Although my baking with spelt and Kamut was not motivated by health problems, I am enjoying them very much!  I hope you will, too. 

I am interested in your story and would be happy to hear from you and help you in any way I can.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome to the Fall 2010 Grain Order. I am trying something different this year, particularly after my last fall order arrived in February! This year I have ordered the Montana grains in advance and I will take orders for these, as well as the other items I carry, for pick up during the weekend of November 19, 20 and 21. I will be sending order forms out by email first and then to snail mail addresses by the end of October.

One of the benefits is that you have a lot more flexibility in your pick up time, and another is that I will be having samples of breads, muffins, cookies and rolls for you to try and I can also offer smaller quantities of any grains or beans because I am not limited by having to function in a parking lot! If you would like help with bread making you may bring your own samples for me to see and/or I will make a batch of bread for you. If you would like to see any demonstrations in particular, please let me know in advance.

Watch for the order form soon and if you don't think I have your email address please send it to me at

Thank you so much! Hope to see you soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

June 2010 Delivery

Good News! The truck is in Milwaukee and will be at Waukesha Bible Church on Saturday, June 19th as scheduled. We will unload the truck at 7am (anyone willing to help is welcome!) and regular pick-up will be from 9am to 1pm.

The church address is

S53 W24079 Glendale Rd.
Waukesha, WI 53189

If you need to call me, my cell phone number is 262 442 0633 and I will have it with me.

Thank you for your order and I will see you tomorrow!
Barbara Ingraham

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 Fall Grain Delivery

We are still waiting for the Fall Grain Delivery. Things are a little slow due to the economy and the Thanksgiving holiday and the truck needs to be full to keep the cost of shipping to a minimum. I am hoping for the weekend after Thanksgiving (first weekend in December) hopefully before any SNOW flies! I will email everyone who ordered as soon as I get word and I will also post updates as I hear them. Thank you for your patience and Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Orders due September 30

The due date for the Fall Grain Order is Wednesday, September 30. If absolutely necessary you can email me as late as Saturday, October 3, but I have to have the orders to Montana Milling by Monday so please get them to me. Thank you!

Fall Grain Order 2009

As promised, I am offering a fall grain order this year. The prices and items are the same as in the spring. The delivery should be sometime in November and I will notify you by late October of the exact date.

If you would like a copy of the order form or cover letter please send me an email at

Feel free to call with any questions!

As soon as I get this order organized of I will offer some more classes. They will probably take place in November before the Christmas season gets into full swing. If you would like to know the dates send me an email and I will notify you when they are scheduled.

Thank you for your interest!